Welcome to the world of the Bearded Monkey!

Bearded Monkey, established in 2014, is run by Claire Duncan and Daniel Carter (the bassist from Birmingham Metal band Left For Red). We have a wealth of experience in putting events on in and around the West Midlands including unsigned, self-signed and signed artists. This includes booking shows, promotion and running events, from stage management to customer and artist relations.

We began promoting a charity festival in Birmingham called Beardfest, which began in 2012. This was very successful in the first two events and then sold out the third and fourth events, which were run in collaboration with Headbangers Balls charity. Before Bearded Monkey, we built up experience working with Midlands Metalheads in 2013 as a part of their promotions team, working with big names such as Crowbar, Nile & Ex Deo.

Since then we continued to book and promote our own shows with the vision of bringing some of the best bands from around the UK to the ‘Home Of Metal’, working with mainly unsigned bands, but also signed artists from the UK and abroad, such as Svart Crown, Malignancy, Hour Of Penance, Evil Deth (Lawnmower Deth with Dr Hell from Evil Scarecrow), Beholder, Reign Of Fury and Onslaught.

In August 2015 Bearded Monkey expanded into a booking and PR agency for bands other than Left For Red. I (Daniel) have been actively promoting and booking all shows for my own band, alongside playing bass, and felt that I had gained useful experience, knowledge and contacts in the music industry that could be shared and developed with other bands.

Our current clients are Left For Red (UK), Vicious Nature (UK), Eternal Fear (Sweden), Obzidian (UK) & HUSK (UK).

We offer:
– Advice & Guidance
– PR Services
– Gig Booking
– Tour Booking
– Festival Booking
– Press Pack & Press Release Creation
– Publishing
Plus more!

If you are interested in joining the Bearded Monkey Promotions roster then please get in touch through the contact page or via email beardedmonkeypromotions@gmail.com

For anybody that would like to contact us about either being on one of our shows or being our “Bearded Video Of The Day” on our social media pages then please contact us on beardedmonkeypromotions@gmail.com

We also support other festivals and promoters so, if you have any news or gigs you would like us to promote via the website and social media then let us know and we will share them around for you.


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