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Left For Red to support SKINDRED!

Left For Red have just been confirmed to open for the one and only Skindred on their 'Sound The Siren' UK tour at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton on Monday 7th November with The King Blues.

This is a huge honour and a big 'tick' off the bucket list for the band, as not only is the Wulfrun Hall a legendary venue in the Black Country but the mighty Skindred are flying the flag for the UK Rock/Metal scene at the moment in the UK and worldwide.

Ticket information will be coming soon but if you really cant wait visit the box office www.wolvescivic.co.uk | 0870 320 7000 

Check out the latest music video for Utopia, taken from the 2015 album 'All Things Known And Buried'


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Bearded Monkey unleash new recruits!

Bearded Monkey are proud to announce that they have signed sludge lords WARCRAB from Plymouth & Thrash metal legends Obzidian from Wolverhampton to their ranks, which already consists of Left For Red, Vicious Nature & Eternal Fear.

Bearded Monkey was established in 2014 as a promotion company in the Birmingham area, running nights at The Flapper amongst other venues. In 2015 when Bearded Monkey signed Left For Red & Eternal Fear to the company, they branched out into PR, Bookings & Consultation.

"Bearded Monkey started as a way that I could book Left For Red's gigs without the need for a middle man, it has now grown into a way that I can now help bands & individuals get themselves heard. I have been aware of Obzidian & Warcrab for several years now and I have always been a fan of their music and live shows. I feel with the recent additions to Bearded Monkey it will help push Bearded Monkey & the bands involved to the next level. " - Dan Carter - Bearded Monkey Management CEO

Obzidian - Stafford/Wolverhampton - Thrash Metal


Obzidian - The Legacy Has Failed

Warcrab - Plymouth - Sonic Death / Sludge



Warcrab - Lay All To Waste

Bearded Monkey would like to also welcome you to our brand new website www.beardedmonkeypromotions.co.uk Visit regularly in order to keep up to date with everything that is going on with our bands.

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Vicious Nature release new DVD ‘EX CINERIBUS’

On 25th June 2016, Vicious Nature released their brand new DVD ‘Ex Cineribus’.The DVD contains a mixture of music videos, live footage, interviews plus many more features.

Drummer JB explains: “The title of the DVD, Ex Cineribus means ‘from the ashes’….which is significant due to Vicious Nature being a project formed from the ashes of Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof and Cerebral Fix.”

Track listing for the DVD is as follows:

Fight For Your Life
Killing Me
Dragging Us Under
The Silence That Kills

Vicious Nature are:
Andy Southwell – Guitar (ex Marshall Law)
Mark Culley – Bass (ex Cerebral Fix, Drown)
Andy Pyke – Vocals (ex Marshall Law)
Jon “JB” Brown – Drums (ex Cloven Hoof)


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Wolves M2TM Final


So, to sum up Friday night and the M2TM competition... 5 incredible bands battled it out to play on the Hobgoblin New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2016. From personal experience, playing BOA is a fantastic opportunity for any band and is well worth putting in the hard work and effort involved. Not only that, but we set up a bundle of great prizes for the winning band, to help them on their journey to Bloodstock.

Anyway, the stage was set and the bands were all raring to go......all the organisers were feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement, as a promoter for M2TM you see bands progress over such a short time.....to see this makes it all worth it.


Each band played a blinding set - 30 minutes sometimes doesn't seem like long enough to get "your point" across, but every band gave it their absolute all. What was great to see was a full room for EVERY band that played - the support this year from fans/family and friends of the scene has been beyond what we expected...but...the less said about some fans/family the better! Moving on!

Slaughter Horse

We did not envy Simon Hall at all - his job in judging can't have been easy as every band honestly deserved their place on that stage. Husk set the bar so high from the start, but Slaughter Horse, Pilla, A Born Disaster and Ronin all stood up to the challenge and it was extremely hard to pick a winner! But, pick a winner Mr Hall did, and Husk are very worthy. Good job Simon!

The night was finished off with a stunning performance from 2015 Wolves M2TM winners XVII, proving why they deserved their spot on BOA last year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people personally....

Firstly, thanks as always to Matt & Nicola from Mayhem Promotions, good luck next year....have fun at Bloodstock!

Simon, pleasure as always mate and thanks for trusting us with your baby once again!

Wendy, Brett & the crew at The Giffard....thank you for your hospitality and for being excellent hosts for the heats/semis of the competition. Also big thanks to Kieron and Alex for giving your time every week to help judge, its a big commitment and we really appreciate it....hope you all enjoy the bottle of booze!

Tice & all the staff at Wolves Civic, excellent job as always!

PMT Birmingham for the loan of the equipment & the donations.

All our sponsors who helped or donated prizes....Fatangel Management, Very Metal Art, Robannas Studios, PMT Birmingham, TBFM & Smashmouth Metal

Tim & Kristina from Heavy Harlequin & Schattenrand for taking fantastic photographs and video footage...can't wait to see it all!


A Born Disaster

Tim & Kristina from Heavy Harlequin & Schattenrand for taking fantastic photographs and video footage...can't wait to see it all!

Hils for the further advice & support, Alex & Phil Caldicott for the loan of their van and also their time & my LFR brother LC for helping me lug the equipment from one venue to another.

As some of you may be aware, this could well be Bearded Monkey's last turn on the M2TM merry go round...we'll be slightly busy soon once our little bearded (or not bearded) monkey pops out! There's a hell of a lot of time, effort and hard work that goes into the planning and running of all these events, but, nights like Friday night make it all worthwhile.

Congratulations to Husk! and great job by all of the finalists Slaughter Horse, Pilla, A Born Disaster & Ronin check them all out!

Dan & Claire

Bearded Monkey Management & Promotions


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